Meet Angie

Lover of all things from generations past, Angie Guzzardo has spent many days cruising down a bumpy dirt road looking for a weathered old barn to pick.   Any flea market or farmhouse in Small Town, U.S.A. are personal favorites, as they typically lead to fabulous vintage finds and specialty antique décor.  Her excitement is all consuming and the whole family has been bitten by the vintage bug, with husband Mark and 10-year-old son Rocco joining in on adventures whenever possible.

What started as a passion to redefine what antique looked like, developed quickly into the journey of a lifetime.  Joining forces with Rina Belanger led to the collaboration of the Vintage Market and now, Backroad Divas!  Together Rina and Angie have laughed their way through fun filled exploits all while bringing you the utmost that the backroads have to offer.  You won’t be disappointed as you choose to follow these Divas wherever they take you – into a world of local vendors in a pop up market or down their favorite dusty backroad!

Backroad Divas present: The Vintage Market Down on the Farm!
June 10-11 | 10-5pm
The Vintage Market, LLC.
3775 S. Custer Rd,
Monroe, MI 48161