Meet Rina

For Rina Belanger, a career in furniture and home décor started by chance about seven years ago.  Personal do it yourself projects for her home captivated friends and family and the requests started rolling in.  While knee deep in signature piece painting projects for others, a calling was crafted.  Rina’s aesthetic of vintage glam is accomplished by taking old worn out pieces and re-imagining them into glamorous show stoppers.

A shared appreciation with Angie for all things refurbished and reborn was the driving force behind the creation of The Vintage Market and Backroad Divas. This creative partnership discovers the ultimate in dusty farmhouse finds screaming to be charmed back to life!  Their travels and excursions, easily a candidate for an adult comedy hour award, unearth unique pieces and stories waiting to be shared.  Keeping a farmhouse feel while undergoing a glam transformation is a path these Divas know well and it’s a journey not to be missed!

Backroad Divas present: The Vintage Market Down on the Farm!
June 10-11 | 10-5pm
The Vintage Market, LLC.
3775 S. Custer Rd,
Monroe, MI 48161