New year, new path! The new year always brings about the same old memorable words – resolutions, goals, path, journey, renew.  Some may encourage you to achieve a new way to organize or project your life, and some may give you inspiration to latch onto.  For us at Backroad Divas the word path is especially important to us this year.  As our year begins our paths have merged into one as our businesses, Reimagined Restorations and Wicked Finds, have joined to create the Backroad Divas.

While a journey is essentially the travelling of one place to another, a path seems never ending and unpredictable with a touch of curiosity and fun along the way.  In our quest to bring you the utmost in one-of-a-kind creativity we feel that the path is the one to travel down.  The Backroad Divas aren’t just about delivering a signature piece or experience to you, we want it to be special with a story and a feeling to it.  Trust that each piece we offer has that written all over it!  Our resolve is to not just obtain goals to check off a list but to live up to resolutions to share our experiences for you to delight in, as well as give you your own experience of discovery.

Choosing where to turn on a path can bring you to things unknown and waiting eagerly to be discovered.  Our travels down those backroad paths are full of laughter and excitement, zaniness and adventure.  Each find brings us closer to our dedication of bringing you, our followers, along for this fabulous ride.  Join us down our winding, dusty path this year and see what we have in store.  Watch out 2017 – have we got plans for you!